Next generation car audio sets new standards

The new range consists of three single DIN models, as well as one double DIN model. The DEH-X7800DAB offers built in Bluetooth, FM, DAB/ DAB+ digital radio with pre-set buttons, as well as Spotify. Of course, it will still play your CD/USB’s and connect to iOS and Android devices too.

Pioneer’s DEH-X7800DAB also comes with multi-colour illumination, so users can match the colour exactly to their mood or dashboard illumination. Pioneer also includes a 13-band graphic equaliser with advanced audio settings, such as manual Time Alignment. This allows users to really get the best sound quality from any vehicle the unit is installed in, easily and effectively.

Next in line is the non CD version, called MVH-X580DAB. This headunit now leads the Pioneer MVH category, offering all of the great features as the DEH-X7800DAB, but with no CD mechanism.

Last but not least, the FH-X730BT is a double DIN model, offering a large, easy to read LCD display, Bluetooth and CD / USB / iPhone and Android playback, as well as Spotify. Users can also enjoy the same illumination and audio features as mentioned above.

DAB Digital Radio

With an integrated DAB/DAB+ tuner you can enjoy the convenience of digital audio in your car, such as crystal clear sound and Interference-free reception, not forgetting DAB tuners give you access to a wider variety of stations allowing you to enjoy more of what you love.

One of the key features of the DEH-X7800DAB and MVH-X580DAB models is the ability to utilise physical pre-set buttons, allowing users to easily store and select their favourite DAB and FM-stations.

What’s more, the DAB digital tuner comes with Pioneer’s unique Time Shift feature, which allows the user to rewind, pause and resume live DAB transmissions. This way, users never have to miss anything anymore.


All four models are now fully compatible with Spotify, for both Free and Premium Spotify users. As soon as users have installed the Spotify app on their smartphone, they can simply connect the smartphone via USB or Bluetooth and then safely browse their favourite playlists, albums, tracks and artists using the headunit controls.


All four units have Bluetooth built inside and are supplied with an external Pioneer Bluetooth microphone. Bluetooth connectivity allows for safe and convenient hands-free calling as well as wireless music streaming. It’s even possible to pair two Bluetooth phones simultaneously, allowing the user to keep both their private and their business phones connected. These units are also equipped with Wide Band Speech technology, so users can now enjoy much better sound quality when having conversations.

When listening to music over Bluetooth, these new devices allow the user to wirelessly browse their stored music, while Pioneer’s unique Advanced Sound Retriever technology makes sure that the sound quality is always as close to the original recording as possible.

High-end audio

All these new models offer true high-end audio features, such as FLAC compatibility, a powerful 50 Watts x 4 built-in MOSFET amplifier and a 13 band EQ. Users who want that extra level of detail can use the 3-way network and/or Manual Time Alignment settings to precisely tailor the sound to the characteristics of their vehicle as well as their own preferences. These settings can also be saved, along with most other settings, so no valuable data will be lost if the battery gets disconnected.

Another powerful ingredient is the MIXTRAX feature. MIXTRAX is Pioneer’s car audio virtual DJ, which transforms the users’ music library into a unique, DJ-infused listening experience with DJ and illumination effects, should the user want to enjoy their music in top gear.

Ease of use

The extended dot matrix display of these new devices shows 13 full size characters over 1.5 lines of text, so more information can be utilised in one go. Moreover, the display has a large vertical and horizontal viewing angle, making it easy to read for both driver and passengers. Smart illumination settings even allow the buttons and LCD display to be coloured together or separately. All display illumination will also automatically dim as soon as the driver turns on the car lights too, or even by manually setting a timer such as 8am or 7pm.

To make life more convenient, the USB port in the front panel is subtly illuminated so it’s easy to spot and use, especially at night. Thanks to its 1A high current output, the USB port can be used to connect and charge smartphones.

All of these new devices are fully compatible with Pioneer's Advanced Remote Control* (ARC) app. This free app, suitable for both iOS and Android platforms, lets users search their music, launch Spotify or other third-party apps, customise display colours, set-up and control the audio parameters of the Pioneer system in a clear and easy fashion. Once the user connects via USB or Bluetooth, the level of control Pioneer ARC is capable of is something you really have to see to believe.

MVH-X580BT and FH-X730BT

The MVH-X580BT has the same feature set as the MVH-X580DAB, but is not compatible with DAB digital radio, it is Bluetooth only.

The FH-X730BT has the same feature set as the MVH-X580BT, but a double DIN model and is equipped with a CD-drive.


All new models will be available from June 2016 at Pioneer authorised car audio dealerships. For further information on pricing and availability, please contact your local Pioneer distributor.