Pioneer is excited to launch its new NAVGATE EVO range. NAVGATE EVO is a revolutionary product concept, combining high-end navigation and extensive smartphone connectivity (Apple CarPlay™ & Android™ Auto) into a single device, which perfectly integrates into the car it was designed for. Pioneer NAVGATE EVO also adopts car centric functions, such as climate control, park assist and vehicle settings.

The NAVGATE EVO range currently includes three models, all tailor made for a specific car. Today, NAVGATE EVO is available for the Volkswagen Golf VII*, the Volkswagen Polo (6C) and the Skoda Octavia (5E).

Car dashboards have evolved, and so have consumer demands. These days, consumers want more than just FM/MP3 playback or an aux input. They require high-end navigation features, pristine sound quality and advanced smartphone connectivity. Pioneer NAVGATE EVO now seamlessly integrates these demands into the dashboard, allowing the driver to manage these features by voice, steering wheel controls or by touchscreen.

The system is easy to install and is delivered with all the necessary cabling and interfaces as a one-box solution.

Perfectly Integrated

NAVGATE EVO is a technology driven, high-end infotainment device, which can be perfectly integrated into the dashboard.
The large 7” WVGA capacitive multi touchscreen controls the system, showing maps, car centric functions, apps and audio/video functions. The NAVGATE EVO system for the Golf VII will be available with two dashboard trims - Piano Black and Dark Rhodium -, while the system for the Polo will be available in Satin Black and the system for the Skoda Octavia be available in Matte Black.
NAVGATE EVO is equipped with dual USB ports, one of which utilises the vehicle’s original USB port. All USB ports can be used for music and video playback, as well as for charging smartphones. NAVGATE EVO includes Parrot Bluetooth for wireless, hands-free phone calls and audio streaming. NAVGATE EVO can also integrate a reverse camera**, a CD/DVD player*** and one or more external amplifiers to further improve the audio performance, in addition to the built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4.

Integrated Car Centric Functions

These days, many cars allow to control a number of functions, such as park assist, drive mode settings and climate control by using the buttons and screen that are also used for navigation and audio. Of course, relevant data is also shown on the smaller multifunction display (MFD) in front of the driver.

Smartphone integration

With NAVGATE EVO, users can control their phone with voice commands, listen to music, make and receive phone calls, control compatible apps and charge their phone at the same time.
Apple CarPlay™ is a smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone in the car. It offers easy navigation and extensive audio and communication capabilities, all while you keep your eyes safely on the road. Use Apple’s highly intelligent Siri voice assistant – Siri is able to communicate - to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and select your favorite music.
Android™ Auto allows consumers to quickly connect their compatible smartphones for navigation, communications, music and more. By extending the Android™ platform in a way that's purpose-built for the car, Android™ Auto is designed with safety in mind. Android Auto utilises a simple and intuitive interface, as well as powerful new voice actions, so users can stay focused on the road.

High-end navigation

Pioneer’s well-established navigation systems offer precise, up-to-date map data for 45 European countries, along with no less than 10 million points of interest (POI). Important cities and 3D landmarks are visualised to make the route easier to follow. Pioneer is the market leader in aftermarket navigation devices, thanks to the extremely stable performance, accuracy and ease of use.
NAVGATE EVO includes a sophisticated 3D gyro sensor, speed pulse sensor and reverse sensor, all of which precisely measure the vehicle’s movements and direction, resulting in accurate navigation data, so the driver will safely arrive at their destination on time.

Superb sound & video

All NAVGATE EVO devices are equipped with an RDS FM/AM tuner and an integrated DAB/DAB+ digital radio tuner, offering the advantage of crystal-clear audio quality and multiple DAB/DAB+ digital radio stations.
The Auto EQ/Auto Time Alignment**** feature automatically calibrates the sound system and also makes sure that the sound from all of the speakers in the vehicle arrives at the exact same time at the listeners’ ears, resulting in high quality audio.
An integrated 13-band Graphic EQ with Advanced Touch Slide Operation allows the user to simply draw their own EQ curve onto the touchscreen. NAVGATE EVO units also offer high-end video performance. It’s even possible to connect extra screens to the system to entertain the backseat passengers.


Pioneer NAVGATE EVO solutions for the Volkswagen Golf VII, the Volkswagen Polo and the Skoda Octavia will be available from May 2016 at Pioneer official distribution partners.

* NAVGATE EVO is not compatible with Dynaudio sound system, eGolf or Golf Sportsvan

** Optional ND-BC8 Rear View Camera required

*** Optional XDV-10 hide away CD/DVD player required

**** Optional CZX-5497A microphone required


All latest and updated specific vehicle compatibility information will be published on the Pioneer website.

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