Pioneer's latest generation single DIN car audio systems in pole position to set new standards

Today, Pioneer unveils an entirely new generation of CD tuner systems and digital media players that are sure to set some new standards in terms of sound quality, features, ease of use & connectivity. The CD tuner range consists of seven new models, starting from the entry level DEH-1800UB*, DEH-2800UI, DEH-X3800UI, DEH-4800BT and DEH-4800DAB, up to the DEH-X5800BT and DEH-X6800DAB models. The MVH digital media player range includes four models: MVH-180UB, MVH-180UI**, MVH-280DAB and MVH-X380BT.

Form follows function
All models feature a re-designed 13-digit LCD display that shows more information than ever before. It’s also easier to read, from any possible angle. Furthermore, the DEH-X3800UI, DEH-X5800BT and DEH-X6800DAB are equipped with our Colour Customisation feature, which allows the user to choose from over 200,000 RGB colours, both for LCD screen and button illumination.

The sleek, fashionable looks of the new Pioneer devices are the result of a well-thought ‘form follows function’ approach. The styling of the front panel, with its restyled buttons, includes hot keys for DAB, phone and EQ. The improved button layout adds to the ease of use factor.

Premium sound quality
Every model within the DEH range is equipped with a CD-drive that reads regular CD’s, as well as CD-R/RW discs. The ‘mechfree’ MVH devices however, are especially designed to suit the needs of music lovers who prefer to use smartphones and streaming services as their primary music sources.
The new DEH/MVH devices have a built-in RDS FM-tuner and most models will also play AAC, WMA, MP3, WAV and even lossless FLAC files.
Pioneer’s exclusive Advanced Sound Retriever will automatically restore musical harmonics that were lost during the audio compression process, to further enhance the listening experience.

Finally a high-end 24 bit D/A converter and powerful built-in 4 x 50 Watts MOSFET amplifier make sure that every nuance of the music is played without any distortion and with full scale dynamics.

* The DEH-1800UBG is the same device as the DEH-1800UB, but has green illumination and a white LCD display. The DEH-1800UBB has red illumination and a blue LCD display. The DEH-1800UBA has amber illumination and a white LCD display.
** The MVH-180UB is USB music playback only. The MVH-180UI includes iPod/iPhone Direct Control. The MVH-180UBG has green illumination and a white LCD display.
Extended USB features
The front USB input offers iPod and iPhone Direct Control*, making it possible to safely search and select artists, albums and playlists, using the Pioneer’s control buttons. However, the improved USB input also has a lot to offer for Android users. A new feature has been added to support Android Open Accessory 2.0 (AOA 2.0), which is designed for Android 4.1 (or later) devices. Last but not least, smartphones will be charged when connected, thanks to the high current 1A powered USB port.
The new Pioneer devices are equipped with some extensive USB connectivity options, to say the least. ‘App Playback’ is a USB based function that allows the user to control music related apps that run on their Android phone or iPhone, directly from the Pioneer head unit. It’s even possible to show track, artist and app information** on the head unit’s display while the music is playing.

Advanced Bluetooth communication
The advanced Bluetooth features of the DEH-4800BT, DEH-X5800BT and the MVH-X380BT make it possible to connect two Bluetooth phones simultaneously. This allows the user to connect both their private and business phone, or their phone and their passenger’s phone. Of course, it’s also possible to stream and browse music over Bluetooth from a connected iPhone or Android phone***. iPhone users will applaud the included Siri Eyes Free feature. This allows access to many iPhone function using voice commands, such as selecting music, making calls and much more.

When using the Bluetooth connection for hands free phone calls, the Wide Band Speech Technology makes sure the users’ voice will be clearer and better understandable.

DAB+ digital radio
The DEH-4800DAB, DEH-X6800DAB and MVH-280DAB all have a built-in FM/DAB/DAB+**** tuner, which allows the user to enjoy high quality digital radio. Pioneer’s Time Shift function adds the convenience to pause and rewind live digital radio at will.

Pioneer’s famous MIXTRAX technology blends the user’s favourite tracks together with added DJ effects, exactly like a professional DJ does. MIXTRAX also offers illumination effects to match the tempo of the tracks. MIXTRAX is available on the DEH-X3800UI, DEH-X5800BT, DEH-X6800DAB and MVH-X380BT models.
(MVH-X380BT does not include MIXTRAX illumination effects as there is no colour customisation feature on this model).

* All models excluding ‘UB’ models.
** This function is app dependent.
*** This function is only available over the primary paired phone.
**** Optional DAB+ antenna (CA-AN-DAB.001) may be required.

The new Pioneer 2015 MVH and DEH models will be available from local Pioneer authorised retailers as from July 2015.
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