Raising the standard is great. Doubling it is even better.

Historically, the output power of Pioneer car stereo systems never rose above 50 x 4 Watts. However, today Pioneer announces two new single DIN car stereo systems that offer no less than 100 x 4 Watts of pure output power. That is indeed doubling the standard…

No external amplifier required

Thanks to the implementation of a superior and very efficient Class-FD amplifier, both the DEH-4800FD and the MVH-280FD car stereo systems are able to produce powerful, high quality audio, which reaches far beyond that of the previous standard. 

Traditional car stereo systems need to be teamed with an external amplifier to reach the same performance levels as the DEH-4800FD and the MVH-280FD. However, this requires cables and therefore extra hassle, which is no longer necessary. 

The DEH-4800FD and MVH-280FD allow for a very simple, straightforward installation, without the need to add any additional cables or external boxes. It’s as simple as plug & play.

In a Class of its own

The exclusive Class-FD circuitry, developed by Pioneer, is designed to deliver the best possible audio quality, combined with a tremendous amount of output power. The innovative design is also able to dissipate heat in an effective manner, allowing the amplifier to stay cool and run stable, even when driven to its full potential. 

Look & Feel

Both the DEH-4800FD and the MVH-280FD are equipped with a 13 character display, which also has a wide viewing angle that is able to provide superior visibility day or night. 

From CD to smartphone

While the DEH-4800FD comes with a CD mechanism, the MVH-280FD does not, as it’s specifically targeted for digital music lovers who prefer to use a USB or their smartphone for streaming or stored musical content.

Both devices are able to play WMA, MP3, WAV and FLAC files. Additionally, when playing compressed audio files, Pioneer’s unique Advanced Sound Retriever will restore musical harmonics that were lost during the audio compression process, to further enhance the listening experience.

Extensive connectivity options

The DEH-4800FD, as well as the MVH-280FD, offer extensive USB connectivity options. iPod/iPhone Direct Control and MTP for Android smartphones are now standard. Newly added to the DEH-4800FD and MVH-280FD is AOA 2.0 for compatible Android phones, further expanding smartphone connectivity. 

The DEH-4800FD and MVH-280FD are available from November 2015.


Further information: 

Please visit www.pioneer-car.eu