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A set of a passive enclosed subwoofer, amplifier and connecting cables


Upgrade your vehicles sound system with this easy to install Pioneer Subwoofer package for powerful bass. (Amplifier and cables included on GXT-3706B-SET)


The TS-W306R features a strong and lightweight IMPP™ (Injection-Moulded Polypropylene) Composite speaker cone, that provides solid and rhythmical bass. Pioneer’s VCCS technology (Voice Coil Cooling System) ensures the Subwoofer remains cool for optimum performance, resulting in a longer lasting bass.


The included GM-A3702 amplifier is compact yet powerful. It's handy 'Auto Turn ON/OFF' feature allows you to easily connect it to your existing speaker inputs. The built in LPF (Low Pass Filter) ensures the subwoofer receives the ideal frequency range for hard, solid bass. Not only is it easy to connect, it’s also super easy to set up meaning you'll begin feeling the bass in no time.


TS-W306R 30 cm subwoofer in a sealed enclosure.