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• Auto seek, ensemble seek
• Service up/down key
• Switching between Primary/Secondary services
• 18 Services Preset Memory
• Preset recall, channel up/down, band switch (DAB 1/2/3)
• Label display selection (Ensemble/Service/Service Component/PTY)
• DAB-text (Dynamic Label Segment headline)
• PTY selection/search*
• Announcement support (AS)* : e.g. Traffic, News, Weather,...
• DLS (Dynamic Label Segment) scrolling*
• Service Following (SF) : DAB-DAB and DAB-RDS*
• Function settings menu (AS/SF/Primary-Secondary/DLS)*

* Controlled by Pioneer P-series (IP-bus) headunits with full DAB control.


Digital Radio Tick Mark Approved productIn order to be granted use of the tick mark, manufacturers must meet the minimum specification, verified by independent testing. All Pioneer products that use this Tick Mark have been independently tested and approved so you can buy with confidence.
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