Run apps in your car

Don’t you wish you could run smartphone apps, browse the web, and enjoy your favourite music, videos and photos on a large screen in your car while charging your smartphone battery on the go? All of the above and much more are possible with the AppRadio Mode.

The AppRadio Mode brings car entertainment to a whole new level. With over 30 compatible smartphone apps specifically designed for the AppRadio Mode, support for both iOS and Android, and more than 15 compatible car entertainment devices you will easily find the right fit for your needs.

Our newest car multimedia receivers (AVH-X1700DVD, AVH-X2700BT, AVH-X3700DAB, AVH-X5700BT, AVH-X7700BT, AVH-X1800DVD, AVH-X2800BT, AVH-X3800DAB, AVH-X4800DVD, AVH-X5800BT, AVH-X5800DAB, AVH-X7800BT) support AppRadio Mode USB*. This means that you can easily connect your iOS or Android devices using a single USB cable. You will be able to control compatible apps directly from your dashboard in a convenient and safe way.
*Currently, we’re working to improve app compatibility for AppRadio Mode USB.

Is your device compatible?  

Download AppRadio Mode

Download AppRadio Mode