Universal Sound Processor.


WHY the DEQ-S1000A?

Pioneer's DEQ-S1000A universal sound processor, is all that is needed to upgrade the sound quality of your factory vehicle stereo and speakers.
The DEQ-S1000A incorporates Pioneer’s high performance 48-bit dual-core DSP for high quality sound reproduction. An internal clock and pattern are optimally tuned, so sound degradation from jitter noise is thoroughly eliminated.
When used with Pioneer’s Sound Tune app, all settings, from the simplest, to the most advanced, can all be done intuitively and easily from your smartphone’s touchscreen.
As the existing factory fitted vehicle stereo does not have to be replaced, installation is easy, especially as the DEQ-S1000A is small and compact, it can be installed almost anywhere in your vehicle and is compatible with various systems.
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Easy to

This universal sound processor is all that’s needed for a significant upgrade in the sound quality of the factory vehicle stereo system and speakers. Once installed, all you need is your smartphone and the Pioneer Sound Tune app to set up the universal sound processor for your vehicle.

Flexible installation
& connectivity

Connect to your original factory fitted stereo system and instantly experience high quality sound, the Pioneer way. Alternatively, go a step further and utilise its flexibility, for example, to run a 3-Way network system, whereby you can upgrade to Pioneer speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.

Easy set up
via smartpone

All the settings, from the simplest to the most advanced, are intuitively accessible via your smartphone’s touchscreen. All operations can be performed easily through a smartphone and a wide range of settings is accessible. The DEQ-S1000A also comes with a supplied hand held remote control to ensure you always stay in control of the sound.


WHAT is Pioneer Sound Tune?

Pioneer’s Sound Tune app is a great way to bring the sound of high-end audio to a basic factory fitted car stereo and speaker system. All operations are performed easily through a smartphone and a wide range of settings is accessible.

Pioneer’s Sound Tune app is available via your local App Store or via Google Play.

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Additional Features of Pioneer Sound Tune

Enjoy and experience easy sound settings, such as live simulations, dedicated pre-set EQ’s, or even Pioneer’s Super “Todoroki Sound” setting. On the other hand, for a fuller, more advanced experience, switch from the DEQ-S1000A’s built-in 13-band GEQ to the Pioneer Sound Tune 31-band GEQ, where you can also tailor the sound from each individual speaker in your vehicle, one by one, and so much more.
It truly is a powerhouse of advanced high-end audio.