Floating display solutions.


Why the floating display solutions?

With the new receivers of the SPH-EVO UNI range, you can now fit an infotainment system in cars with a standard 1 DIN slot.

Enjoy the benefits of smartphone connectivity, Waze on a big display, DAB+ Digital Radio, superior audio functions, rearview camera compatibility and much more!

* 1 DIN refers to the standard car stereo size of 180 mm by 50 mm (2" x 8").

Smartphone connectivity

Works with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto to provide greater convenience, improved safety and a more fulfilling car life.

Digital Radio

Enjoy the convenience of listening to your favourite radio stations in crystal clear digital quality thanks to a built-in Digital Radio tuner.

Floating display installation

Make your choice between a 6.8" WVGA Multi-touchscreen, or a 8”/ 9" WVGA Capacitive Multi-touchscreen.


What are the floating display solutions?

Pioneer creates smart upgrades for a big range of cars, now also including a tablet style installation with a floating display. Scroll down to see whether we can help you with a smart solution which will perfectly fit your interior.


Will these products fit my car?

Does your car have a 1-DIN slot?
That means you are ready for a smart Pioneer upgrade!

If you are not sure about the installation, please have a look at our Car Compatibility List to check whether our SPH-EVO UNI range fits your vehicle.

  • List of vehicles non exhaustive
  • If your vehicle is not listed, please contact your local Pioneer dealer to see your possibilities