Digital Bass Control - Space Saving Amplified Subwoofer

The TS-WX70DA with


Space saving amplified subwoofer integrating DIGITAL BASS CONTROL

DIGITAL BASS CONTROL is a unique feature generating two selectable Bass Modes: DEEP and DYNAMIC. Each producing strong, rich, deep bass you can feel, without giving up your boot space. Full control of the bass output is easy via the wired remote control.

Class-D Technology

Pioneer has been leading with Class-D Technology and now includes it on this active subwoofer. A real usable benefit of Pioneer integrating Class-D is that now the TS-WX70DA can take both High and Low Input signals (High = Speaker Line Input, Low = RCA Line Input).

When using High Input, the signal generated from the speakers will automatically turn the TS-WX70DA on as the stereo turns on, and vice versa.



A wired remote control is included to really tailor the input signal, frequency level (LPF) and also the two new DEEP and DYNAMIC bass modes, all from the palm of your hand.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed remote control, you can really control the bass output, no matter what music is being played, no matter what vehicle it's installed into.

Powerful and functional

The active subwoofer consists of two 16cm drivers, producing a total of 200 Watts of power, thanks to built-in Class-D amplifier technology.

Extreme functionality due to the intelligent slim design, at only 97mm in height, does not over take the boot. You can even load all your luggage on top of it, making it the perfect space saving solution.