Our Commitment to Sustainable Energy

We are continuously striving to improve our products, while maximising our efforts to lower the impact of these products on the environment. In accordance with our vision for the future, we are committed to several voluntary environmental agreements.

Based on these longstanding commitments, we have been accepted by the European Commission as a Sustainable Energy Partner.

Our commitment to Energy Efficiency includes voluntary agreements on:

TV and VCR: reduction of power consumption in standby mode, with a maximum of 6W

Audio: reduction of power consumption in standby mode to a maximum of 1 W by 2007

A Code of Conduct for digital TV service systems: reducation of standby and On mode energy consumption

Self Commitment for TV products: improving efficiency by 10% over the next 7 years, as well as informing consumers on energy consumption

Self commitment for DVD products: reduction of power consumption in standby mode to a maximum of 1W

These products fall within the scope of our commitment to Sustainable Energy Europe:

Plasma TV

Professional Plasma Displays

Hard Disk Drive DVD Recorders

DVD Players

Home Cinema Amplifier/Receiver Systems

Home Cinema Systems

For more information:

Visit the Sustainable Energy Europe 2005 - 2008 Campaign website

Download the news release describing our involvement with Sustainable Energy Europe

Contact your local Pioneer office.