Add power and finesse to your system.

It’s the perfect companion for any car entertainment system. Adding one or more amplifiers makes sure you’ll hear deeper and stronger bass, while your music sounds relaxed, highly detailed and pleasantly dynamic. Thanks to the smart design architecture, these amplifiers have a remarkably small footprint.

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Big sound, small footprint.

A smart amplifier design has to improve the sound quality and output level of your system, without using too much space. Pioneer amplifiers are well known for their remarkable size/performance ratio.

Control the bass with your fingertips.

Bass Boost Remote lets you control the amount of bass in your music, using the supplied remote control. This way, you can easily change the bass level without having to enter the menu of your headunit.

How many channels do you need?

Single channel amplifiers are designed to power a subwoofer, while a 2-channel amp can drive stereo speakers or a single/dual voice coil subwoofer. 4-channel amps can drive front and rear speakers simultaneously.

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Delicate sound requires ample power. 

Pioneer amplifiers are known for their first-rate sound and high SPL outputs, making them equally capable to power up the latest club tracks, as the full-scale dynamics of a symphonic orchestra.

Efficient Class D amplifier technology. 

Class D amplifiers use innovatory technology that allows the use of very powerful amplifier modules in an extremely small package. Another plus is that Class D amps hardly produce any heat.