Smart Unit Receivers

Infotainment at your fingertips, wherever you are.


WHY choose Smart Unit Receivers?

Enjoy all the conveniences of our range of Smart Unit Receivers, by simply using the Android tablet mounted in the receiver in your car or campervan, or even detached at home or anywhere else in the world. Use one of the pre-installed apps or download an app you like thanks to the open Android platform. Finally, easily access many useful features while on the road thanks to the pre-installed Pioneer Smart Sync app, enhancing both the quality of in-car entertainment and the level of safety. Enjoy your drive-more than usual.

Download the apps you like

Add mobile applications you like via Google Play™ store and enjoy the comfort of music and video streaming services, navigation and much more. Spotify™, Waze™,... are just one download away! For your convenience, Google Maps™, Youtube™, Google Chrome™... are already pre-installed.

Detachable as a tablet

Remain connected and take your tablet with you, wherever you go. It connects to the web via your Smartphone or Home Wi-Fi® and can be used as Remote Control from the back of your car or campervan. Its battery charges automatically when inserted in the tablet mount receiver or connected to USB.

8” big display size

Enjoy clear navigation and movie content thanks to our 8" big capacative displays: day and night, in your vehicle, at home or anywhere you like.


WHAT is Pioneer Smart Sync for Tablet?

Available apps when driving:





Google Play Music

TuneIn Radio


Amazon Music


Google Maps


Speed cams



OBD & Telemetrics apps

Dash command


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