Dash cameras

An Extra Eye on the Road.


Why use a dash camera?

Installing a Pioneer Dash Camera can give you peace of mind. Protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims by being able to use the recorded footage in the event of an incident, giving you the ability to identify who is at fault quickly and easily.

In some countries installing a Dash Camera can even reduce your insurance* premium. Pioneer Dash Cameras allow you to capture video evidence by recording it automatically onto the included Micro SD Card.

* Country dependant.


Why use a Pioneer dash camera?

Recording in FULL HD, using Wide Viewing Angles, high-quality images are captured in both day and night conditions. You can even monitor your vehicle when parked, with some models up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year thanks to Pioneer’s 24/7 Security Mode. From high-performance two-camera models to ultra-compact models, Pioneer’s range of Dash Cameras provide that additional level of safety and security, creating an extra eye on the road.

Night time mode


Reliable high-sensitivity and high-quality video recording at night. When driving on roads, in tunnels with few street lights or at night, you can clearly record vehicles and surrounding conditions. By adopting the SONY CMOS sensor STARVIS™, Pioneer Dash Camera is suitable for night time recording.

Parking mode &
24/7 security mode*


Thanks to the Parking Mode* feature, when the vehicle is parked and after detecting movement caused by vibration, it will automatically record an event for a fixed period of time utilising the internal built-in battery.

Additional to Parking Mode, 24/7 Security Mode**uses the vehicle battery after the Dash Camera internal battery goes empty, allowing you to monitor your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year.

*Optional RD-HWK200 (an accessory sold separately) is required for Parking Mode with the VREC-DH300D.
**Optional RD-HWK100 (an accessory sold separately) accessory is required for 24/7 Security Mode with the VREC-DZ600. Besides 24/7 Security Mode, Security Mode uses the internal built-in battery of the VREC-DH200. After it detects movement caused by vibration, it will automatically start to record an event for a fixed period of time.



Built-in Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone via an exclusive Pioneer app*. Check recorded videos or set up the Dash Camera on the screen of a compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphone**.

*Pioneer ‘Dash Camera Interface’ app available for VREC-DZ700DC / VREC-DZ600. Pioneer ‘Dash Camera Recorder’ app available for VREC-DH200.
**Compatible smartphone required. app availability is depending on your country.


Pioneer "Dash Camera Interface" app


Pioneer "Dash Camera Remote" app


What other benefits does a Pioneer dash camera offer?


Optional accessories

AD-PLF100 polarised filter


Using Pioneer’s Polarised Filter AD-PLF100, you can minimise the reflection on the windscreen from areas such as the dashboard, meaning in all weather conditions you can record in even higher quality. Pioneer’s Polarised Filter AD-PLF100, is compatible with the VREC-DZ700DC and VREC-DH200, and sold separately.

RD-HWK100 hard wire kit


Pioneer’s RD-HWK100 Hard Wire Kit is designed to offer 24/7 Security Mode for the VREC-DZ600. 24/7 Security Mode will automatically start to record when an impact is detected, after the Dash Camera internal battery goes empty, allowing you to monitor your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year. Sold separately.

RD-HWK200 hard wire kit


The Pioneer RD-HWK200 Hard Wire Kit is designed to offer Parking Mode* for the VREC-DH300D.

When connected to the VREC-DH300D, you can continue the recording until the vehicle battery voltage drops below a given value, or up to a set time, even after the engine is off.

*Parking Mode is an optional feature on the VREC-DH300D that requires the accessory RD-HWK200, sold separately.

ND-RC1 rear camera


Using Pioneer’s ND-RC1 rear camera you can transform your existing 1 channel dash camera into a 2 channel setup.