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How to tune DAB

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DAB Source

Enter the DAB source

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How to Tune DAB



How to save presets



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to enter time shift mode?
A: To enter timeshift mode while on DAB, press and hold the 'Back arrow' button. You can now 'rewind' your DAB broadcast from the moment you began listening (for up to 10 mins)

Q: What does 'Antenna Error' Mean?
A: 'Antenna Error' indicates a fault with the DAB circuit with in the unit. Double check the antenna connection, and ensure the DAB antenna power is set according to the antenna type. 
Disconnect the power from the unit and allow the unit to fully power down and cool down. Re connect the power and antenna, ensure the antenna power is set accordingly, if the problem persists then the unit is faulty and will need exchanging.

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