Modern Slavery Act


Pioneer is a Japanese manufacturer of car electronics with worldwide operations. Pioneer Europe, located in Belgium, is the regional head office responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of Pioneer products within Europe. Pioneer Europe has a dedicated UK branch office that handles the sales in the UK, and for which the below statement is relevant.

In accordance with the "Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations" Pioneer has established the "Pioneer Group Code of Conduct" as a set of standards, including on slavery and human trafficking, that must be observed by all employees of the Pioneer Group. These standards specify the basic requirements for responding sincerely and rapidly to stakeholders at all times, while maintaining impartial, fair and transparent relationships with them in all nations and regions where Pioneer conducts business operations.

The “Pioneer Group Code of Conduct” includes respect for human rights and international principles regarding child labor and forced labor. The “Pioneer Group Code of Conduct” is publicly disclosed and can be consulted at any time via following link:

The Pioneer Group established a Business Ethics Committee, chaired by an outside director, to ensure legal compliance as well as thorough observance of the “Pioneer Group Charter for Corporate Operations” and the “Pioneer Group Code of Conduct.” The committee met twice in fiscal year 2017 (1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017).

A Business Ethics Hotline was established as an internal reporting system, to quickly detect and appropriately address behavior that is in violation of the “Pioneer Group Code of Conduct.” The hotline is set up outside the company to ensure the anonymity of persons making reports and to clarify the details of those reports.

During the fiscal year 2017 as a recurring training activity the “Pioneer Group Code of Conduct” was circulated to all UK employees to ensure a permanent level of awareness on Pioneer’s principles and responsibilities. All employees have submitted a confirmation that they understand and adhere to the principles laid out in the “Pioneer Group Code of Conduct”, including those related to slavery and human trafficking.

For more information on the Pioneer Group’s related actions and policies, please refer to our Corporate Social Responsibility webpage:

This statement has been approved by the Pioneer Europe Management Committee.

T. Komiya
Chairman and Managing Director
Pioneer Europe NV