Pioneer Unveils Revolutionary New SPH-8TAB-BT Portable Tablet Headunit

Ground-breaking. Revolutionary. Genre-defining.  Just three of the delightful words that summarise how Pioneer feel about the brand spanking new SPH-8TAB-BT head unit that’s set to change the perceptions of in car entertainment forever in 2020. Literally a whole new concept for those seeking automotive entertainment on the move, the SPH-8TAB-BT consists of two separate components in the form the SDA-8TAB tablet and the supporting SPH-T20BT receiver with tablet mount built in. Much like Pioneer’s runaway success with last year’s Smartphone receiver (SPH-10BT) 2020’s latest tablet vision combines both home and domestic entertainment into one product means that a new product was vital to remain leagues ahead of the competition.


Hyperbole to one side, the 8.0-inch capacitive SPH-8TAB-BT is a whole new concept for Pioneer UK allowing the fitment of a removable and portable 8-inch tablet where once audiophiles and the tech savvy were limited to an in-dash infotainment system. Now though, the tablet has turned (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves!) and the construction and tech behind the unit means that passengers can remove the tablet and use it while the sound and signal continue to be broadcast via the receiver and the car speakers, within Bluetooth range at least.  

When parked, take the tablet with you to navigate further on foot, stream music, watch movies, send messages, browse the web or download any app you care to mention from the Google Play store.    

The most commonly used apps are already pre-installed to ease the setup process, including Pioneer’s very own Smart Sync mobile app to ensure faultless functionality. Waze, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Maps, Chrome, Youtube and Spotify also feature on the list, so it’s simply of case of customising the tablet to suit your social and business needs to maximise the convenience of the two-piece combo.  Just like domestic hi-fi where separates are renowned for offering a higher class of audiophile experience, the SPH-8TAB-BT is no exception.  Sound quality is one element that’s often taken for granted due to the amazing kaleidoscope of infotainment options new-age ICE offers, but this unit places sonic prowess at its very core.  With a 4x50W internal amplifier and a 13-band graphic EQ the 2-DIN SPH-T20BT places the open, smooth, precise acoustic balance high on its agenda.    

The modular nature of the duo also brings obvious benefits for portability. The 8-inch tablet provides a 1280 x 800 pixel display with a 2.0MP rear facing camera while battery life is assured thanks to a 4000mAH Lithium-ion rechargeable unit. Speed is also catered for thanks to a 1.8GHz Quad Core processor    

Smartphone connectivity is also possible thanks to Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree calling.  

This relentless pursuit for perfection from Pioneer ensures that the SPH-8TAB-BT will be a guaranteed hit for 2020. For those with busy social media lives, relentless in car email demands, or even for checking if you need a pint of milk at home, the SPH-8TAB-BT   places riotous. audiophile quality sound and enthralling entertainment high on the agenda,

The ultimate future proof head unit? Well, who are we to argue?

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