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Bring the latest technology into your car, thanks to Pioneer's SPH-EVO950DAB. With its 'floating' or 'tablet' style installation the SPH-EVO950DAB can be installed into many vehicle types, for example, traditional 1-DIN, 2-DIN, Campervans, or even vehicles where a traditional stereo does not fit thanks to its unique universal floating installation or in-dash installation capabilities. This new flexible modular design makes the SPH-EVO950DAB compatible with almost any vehicle!

Do you own a camper van? SPH-EVO950DAB can also handle camper navigation!
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One size
fits all


When mounting the SPH-EVO950DAB display panel, you can adjust the monitor position according to your vehicle needs and the vehicles interior design. The screen panel can be installed separately from the main unit, especially useful for cars with no dashboard space.

Floating installation

In Dash installation


With built-in Wi-Fi® you can now use Apple CarPlay 1 and Android Auto 2 wirelessly. You no longer need a connection cable. Say hello to greater freedom and goodbye to clutter and complication.


Get access to all your features in the blink of an eye thanks to the Pioneer Split Screen mode. This new INDUSTRY FIRST feature allows you to display and control specific functions of the SPHEVO950DAB, on an adjacent partition of the screen by dynamically resizing the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto user interface. No need to switch between your apps, if you can use them simultaneously!


By connecting the optional Vehicle Bus adapter3, you can display the operation status such as vehicle information, gauges, climate control and parking assist.

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Flexible Installation


Vehicle Bus


Fit My Car

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This product is also available as SPH-EVO950DAB-UNI, SPH-EVO950DAB-UNI2 variants, depending on your vehicle.
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