The Perfect OEM Sound Upgrade System


Why the A-series?

Pioneer's A-series speaker and subwoofer line up lets you experience higher quality sound in whatever kind of music interests you. With so many options, you can select the most suitable speaker system to reproduce your favorite kind of sound. Designed to be the perfect OEM sound upgrade system, Pioneer’s A-series speakers and subwoofers are focused on one mission; to be easy to install, whilst being able to deliver ‘Richer Bass and Well Controlled Sound’, which is one key element OEM speakers fail to manage and especially at higher volume levels.

With specially designed materials and an included multi-fit adaptor*, designed for easier installation and enhanced sound quality reproduction, Pioneer’s new A-Series line up is not only easy to install but ensures a well-controlled balanced sound thanks to richer bass, improved higher frequencies, lower distortion and Pioneer’s unique OPEN & SMOOTH™ sound concept, all of which are an improvement over your original speakers.

Want to know how they could sound in your car, no problem; Pioneer recommends you to try Pioneer’s CarSoundFit app where you can experience the Pioneer sound upgrade in your car. Just use some over ear headphones and enjoy the sound upgrade experience, the Pioneer way.

*Multi-fit adaptor on selected models only.

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Easy to Install

Based on Pioneer’s own research data, the design of the A-series multi-fit adaptor has been changed to offer a wide range of installation options, but also providing higher damping to improve the sound quality. Models that include this new multi-fit adaptor: TS-A1600C, TS-A1670F, TS-A6970F & TS-A6960F.

Sound Concept

Pioneer’s Open & SmoothTM sound concept delivers open staging & smooth transition of driver response to provide the ultimate in-car sound. On your OEM speakers, the listening position changes the frequency response. Vocals can sometimes sound masked. With Pioneer’s A-Series, thanks to Open & Smooth sound, in any listening position, you can get good sound quality, thanks to smooth off-axis response.

Special Materials

Pioneer’s A-series speakers now include a Carbon & Mica reinforced IMPP speaker cone for deeper and richer bass sound. New tweeters contribute to clearer high frequencies, and the long symmetrical voice coil and suspensions on the mid drivers are well engineered for high linearity, more impactful sound and richer bass with low distortion, all of which significantly outperforms OEM sound system you have right now.


WHAT is Pioneer

Pioneer’s CarSoundFit app is actually a car sound simulator for experiencing in-car sound with your own smartphone. Hear the difference between original car speakers and different Pioneer audio upgrades: convince yourself of the level of quality Pioneer can offer for your vehicle.

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Additional Features of
Pioneer’s A-series

As part of the design, Pioneer’s engineers studied what else could be done to improve the sound. Pioneer redesigned the internal construction of the speakers and introduces a ‘long symmetrical voice coil and suspension’, engineered for high linearity, and enhancing the bass, whilst further decreasing the distortion levels. This longer voice coil really has a positive result on the overall sound, and importantly, the durability of the A-series.

Get to know Pioneer's TS-A1670F 16,5 cm 3-Way Coaxial Speaker System

TS-A1670F 16,5 cm 3-Way Coaxial Speaker System


  1. OPEN and SMOOTH™ delivers smooth frequency response and an expansive soundstage.
  2. Carbon and Mica reinforced IMPP cone provides fast response and solid bass.
  3. Optimized symmetrical motor design reproduces accurate sound.
  4. Cellulose fiber midrange cone provides natural vocal.
  5. Multi-fit adaptors expand installation flexibility and improve acoustic performance.