Speaker Systems

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Enjoy outstanding midbass response with the Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone
enjoy enhanced stability and maintained integrity through a wide temperature range with the industry's first basalt fibre made from natural rock interwoven with aramid fibre
OPEN and SMOOTH delivers smooth frequency response and an expansive soundstage
  • TS-ME650FS
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    Marine Grade ME-Series 2-Way Coaxial Speaker. (250 W)

  • TS-MR2040
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    20cm 2-Way Marine Speakers (200W)

  • TS-MR1640
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    16cm 2-Way Marine Speakers (160W)

  • TS-MR1600
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    16cm Dual Cone Marine Speakers (100W)

  • TS-STX080
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    These speakers are designed to work with Car Audio or Display Audio and fit into the living space of the vehicle. The secure flexible arm allows you to install each satellite speaker at the desired angle. These speakers offer contemporary styling with a trendy design that fits perfectly into the cosy world of interiors.