PRO Shuriken series - 10cm High Efficiency Bullet Tweeter. (150 W) (Russian Model)

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The Pioneer PRO Shuriken series TS-B1010PRO Bullet Tweeter is a 10cm high efficiency tweeter featuring an Aluminium die-cast chassis with a light weight and rigid titanium diaphragm, a large ferrite magnet and power motor assembly and Copper Clad Aluminium Wire (CCAW) to produce a wider high range of crisp, loud and clear frequencies.


The Pioneer PRO Shuriken series TS-B1010PRO Bullet Tweeter is 150 W Max. / 50 W Continuous Power Handling (RMS).


Are You Ready To Go PRO?


PRO Shuriken series. The Pioneer Reference Series for Open Show series of speakers is designed specifically for those looking to produce some serious sound pressure levels. Inspired by Pioneer’s history of record-breaking SPL competition, the new PRO series line of speakers is designed for loud sound pressure levels for open shows. With an emphasis on efficiency and power handling, the PRO series line-up consists of bullet tweeters, mid bass drivers, and a subwoofer that can be mixed and matched to deliver impressive output, without requiring an impressive investment.


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