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WHY choose Pioneer Smart Sync?

Give your in-car receiver a smart upgrade and get connected while on the road!

Pioneer Smart Sync is an app that links your smartphone to compatible Pioneer car audio and entertainment systems. Pioneer Smart Sync app fully utilises the power of your smartphone. It expands, evolves and furthers the enjoyment of every moment you spend in your car. You will get to enjoy driving as you've never experienced it.

Download the Pioneer Smart Sync app onto your smartphone, connect your smartphone to the compatible Pioneer stereo to access your compatible apps directly.

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Safe access to your smartphone

Pioneer Smart Sync app launches from a dedicated button on compatible Pioneer receivers, offering a safe and quick way to launch the application in the vehicle. Get easy access to the apps you want such as Spotify® and map apps such as Waze™ and Google Maps™, without distracting you from the road.

Voice control

Simply tap the voice button and start asking! Many of the Pioneer Smart Sync app's functions are operated by voice control, so you do not have to touch or look at your smartphone whilst driving. Pioneer Smart Sync works with Alexa (Amazon)

Personalised sounds

Along with many sound effects, various precise sound adjustments offer an upgrade to the sound experience in your vehicle. 31band Graphic Equaliser adjustments, Live Simulation sound effects, and even (manual) Time Alignment create the sound experience in your car.


WHAT is Pioneer Smart Sync app compatible with?

Pioneer Smart Sync app is compatible with a vast range of compatible Pioneer receivers, increasing safety and enhancing the driver experience. The smartphone application provides you with direct access to mobile navigation and high-quality car audio - enjoy driving your car as never before!

In addition, thanks to Alexa built-in, you can ask Alexa to play music, hear the news, check the weather and more through this app with a touch of a button*.

*Note: Availability of each service may vary depending on your country & phone model.


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Product range

Pioneer Smart Sync is compatible with an expanding range of receivers.
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