Multimedia Receivers

You’d wish your trip lasts longer

Looking for a marvellous in-car entertainment system that offers the very best audio and video performance for you and your passengers? These multimedia devices are up to the task. They play music and video from all kinds of sources, like FM, CD, DVD, iPhone or Android phones and USB-devices. 

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Rear seat entertainment 2.0

Routing the video signal to one or more external displays, such as the AVD-W1100V, allows you to create a world-class rear seat entertainment system. 

Video content galore 

These multimedia machines allow you to play DVD’s, or just about any other video content you bring on a USB-device. You can even connect external video sources, if needed.

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Superior sound quality 

Each multimedia receiver offers you a generous 4 x 50 watts of ‘that Pioneer sound’ to make sure your favourite tunes always sound top-notch, regardless of the source you’re using. 

Front view of a 2DIN Audio Receiver

Getting the size right

Depending on the available space in your dashboard and your personal taste, you might opt for a compact single DIN space unit, or choose a double DIN device with a full-size touchscreen. 

Integrated handsfree kit 

Bluetooth models allow you to stream music from your smartphone, and let you make and answer phone calls, all in a safe and convenient way.

Add extra amplifiers and subwoofers.

If you feel the need to add more bass or to improve the sound quality and the output level, you can easily expand your system with one or more power amplifiers and/or subwoofers. 

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