80 years Pioneer

The logo.

The gentle waveforms represent sound waves coming from a tuning fork and symbolize the passion of everyone working at Pioneer. The arc symbolizes their collective commitment to continuing to refine and leverage technological strengths Pioneer has accumulated and to live up to the pioneering spirit.


Celebrating 80 years of innovation.

In 1937, Nozomu Matsumoto, the founder of Pioneer Corporation, successfully developed Japan’s first Hi-Fi dynamic speaker, which became the base for the modern Hi-Fi speaker.

In 1938, he established Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho, predecessor of the Pioneer Corporation. The current company name “Pioneer” was originally a trademark of “A-8,” (the speaker below) which was developed by the founder, who was strongly impressed by the sound quality of a foreign-made dynamic speaker.

To emphasise this special occasion, Pioneer has launched a dedicated website where you can find everything this famous brand has achieved in those 80 years.

Please visit this website to know everything about what Pioneer realised to increase the comfort in your car.
From the world first component car stereo to in-car multimedia systems, you can find all the relevant information here:

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