Complete your Pioneer system

Choose the right accessories to make your system performs top-notch. Maximize sound quality by upgrading your speakers, or adding an amplifier or subwoofer. Expand functionality with a navigation module or rear-view camera. Or use our special accessories to smoothly integrate your Pioneer system in your car.

Complete your Pioneer system

Add Pioneer’s high-end navigation system.

Pioneer’s famous AVIC navigation system is available as an add-on module (AVIC-F260), which can be connected to a wide range of Multimedia Receivers. Thanks to its small size, the module can easily be concealed.

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Watch your back!

Improving both safety and convenience, a rear-view camera can easily be connected to your Pioneer multimedia system. The ND-BC8 model even combines a rear-view camera with a parking assistant feature.

Power up your system.

Pioneer has a range of high-performance amplifiers available, that will uplift the sound of your system to new sonic heights. You’ll gain power and dynamics, and you’ll also enjoy a more detailed, refined sound.


Getting the bass right.

Do you want to hear the deepest bass tones in your music, with all the power and precision, just like the artists intended? A subwoofer will get the job done. Choose a compact model if you are tight on space.


Upgrade your speaker system.

Your speakers are the only parts of your car entertainment system you can actually hear. Therefore, you’ll easily enjoy the improved sound quality, as soon as you upgrade your existing speaker system.