What is Pioneer Smart Sync App?

Available on both iOS and Android, the Pioneer Smart Sync app instantly upgrades the number of possibilities of your Pioneer in-car audio and helps you stay more connected on the road. Download the Pioneer Smart Sync app to customise your main menu and use your mobile phone as an extra screen. View essential information like date and time, and access data – via vehicle monitoring codes – relating to fuel consumption, average speed, battery voltage etc. all while having your preferred music apps in one place.

Make the menu what you want it to be inside your mobile phone. For example, the app makes it easy to switch from your favourite music app to the radio or from the radio to Bluetooth® audio in just one click. And there’s one-button and voice-controlled access to your preferred navigation app. Find ‘Your car, your music, your world’ by downloading the app to your mobile phone.

The Pioneer Smart Sync app also lets you personalise the sound in your car to the type of music you enjoy with 31-band graphic equalisation. Discover many other benefits including message reading, parking assist, emergency calling and more.
Find ‘Your car, your music, your world’ by downloading the app to your mobile phone.


What are the benefits of Pioneer Smart Sync app?

The Pioneer Smart Sync App offers many different benefits, but the heart of it is to offer a display for your Car Audio, one that embraces multi sources and one touch access, including easy operation of music, navigations, messages and calling.


What is Pioneer Smart Sync app compatible with?

Pioneer Smart Sync app is compatible with a vast range of compatible Pioneer receivers, increasing safety and enhancing the driver experience. The smartphone application provides you with direct access to mobile navigation and high-quality car audio - enjoy driving your car as never before!

In addition, thanks to Alexa built-in, you can ask Alexa to play music, hear the news, check the weather and more through this app with a touch of a button*.

Remark; Availability of non-Pioneer content and services, including apps and connectivity, may change without notice due to changes in operating systems, firmware or app versions.


What are the Car Audio models with Pioneer Smart Sync App?

Pioneer Smart Sync is compatible with an expanding range of receivers.
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* Remark; Pioneer Smart Sync app is available also with the following products.


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