Pioneer launches its space-saving TS-WX400DA active subwoofer

Pioneer launches its space-saving TS-WX400DA active subwoofer

Pioneer is continually developing new products to enhance its critically acclaimed in-car audio line-up, with innovative features and technologies that enhance the listening experience without compromising on quality or space.

The latest model to join Pioneer's highly regarded car subwoofer range is the new TS-WX400DA, an active subwoofer that is small in size yet delivers a mighty 250W of rich, deep bass. It is ideal for vehicles where space is at a premium, or as a convenient means of upgrading the dynamic range of an existing car audio system, whether that is a factory or aftermarket set-up.

Pioneer TS-WX400DA highlight features:

* Highly efficient integrated Class-D amplifier
* 250W maximum power, 100W nominal power
* Sealed 300 x 200 x 100mm enclosure for easy installation
* Accepts both speaker and RCA line inputs
* Digital bass control with pre-set Deep or Dynamic modes
* Wired remote control

For a product that takes up less room than a shoebox, the TS-WX400DA offers powerful bass without losing space. The key to its diminutive proportions lies in its use of an integrated Class-D amplifier, which employs fast-reacting electronic switches to mix the voltage and signal. These are energy-efficient, produce minimal heat and are small in size.

Its small footprint and down-firing woofer design mean the sturdy, sealed enclosure can be mounted in a number of locations, such as under the front seats or in a recess in the side of the vehicle's luggage compartment. Once powered-up through the supplied wiring harness, installation to the existing sound system is straightforward as TS-WX400DA will accept either high (speaker line) or low (RCA line) input signals. This means it can be easily connected to any head unit, even if it does not come with amplifier pre-outs.

TS-WX400DA also features Digital Bass Control so its output can be adjusted to the listener's preference via the wired remote. This hand-held device allows the user to fine-tune the gain (volume) and frequency filtering settings, switch between normal and reverse phases, and choose between two selectable bass modes: Deep or Dynamic.

Intriguingly, Pioneer has even made it possible to try the TS-WX400DA before you buy. The active subwoofer is included within the company's innovative CarSoundFit application, which simulates the difference that Pioneer speakers will make to the quality of your car's audio system without external influences. This experience is created using acoustic data and genuine measurements of the sound field of many popular vehicles.

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