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Breaking the final sound barriers

Speakers are the only part of your car entertainment system you can actually hear. Which is why upgrading your existing speakers mostly results in a significantly improved sound quality. Pioneer’s track record as a loudspeaker designer - going all the way back to 1938! - makes sure the result will be first-rate.

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TS-E : e-Motion speakers series

E-motion speakers enhance every sound performance with pure and accurate sound. The revolutionary Basalt Fiber IMX Speaker Cones provide strength and durability for amazing sound.
The Pioneer E-serie speakers are available in 2-way component packages or 2-way coaxial designs in multiple sizes that fit most vehicles.

TS-A : a-Ccelerate speaker series

The a-Ccelerate high performance speakers have become synonymous for rock solid audio, while its slick looks match its edgy attitude with the black-on-black grille. The TS-A line includes a new highly rigid Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure for a wider dispersion of sound with deeper bass, and a new tweeter designed to deliver an improved range of mid to high frequencies. The technology improvements offer better performance, enhanced sound quality and the ability to play a larger variety of popular music with heavy bass including hip hop, dubstep, and alternative rock.

TS-G speaker series 

These speakers are designed with a shallow mounting depth for easy install into a wide variety of vehicles and feature Pioneer’s extremely strong and lightweight Injected Molded Polypropylene™ (IMPP) with MICA composite cone woofer, for improved sensitivity and reduced distortion.

TS-Q-level separate component speakers 

Combining high-quality audio with an exclsusive easy-to-install, brand specific design, the TS-Q speaker systems deliver unmatched audio y complementing a separate component woofer with a quality tweeter. The result is a better and more impressive sound offering throughout the full range.

Separate component high-grade custom fit speakers

Audiophiles looking to upgrade their existing OEM speaker system are bound to come across Pioneer's separate component high-grade custom-fit speakers. Featuring the Easy Connector for easy installation, these performers guarantee better-focused imaging and superb sound quality thanks to the targeted localisation of the tweeters. These speakers systems just deliver a superlative audio package.

Custom fit speaker series

Offering exceptional value for money while keeping audio performance high, the Pioneer custom-fit speakers guarantee solid sound quality.
These speakers further boost easy installation with the Easy Connector.
Easy to install, easy to enjoy.

Dual-layer Aramid/Basalt fibre cone

The highly rigid, interwoven aramid/basalt fibres, enhance the stability and integrity of the cone. This provides outstanding bass fidelity and an extraordinary detailed, accurate sound reproduction.

Open & Smooth

Due to their smooth off-axis frequency response, overall low distortion and low crossover frequency, Open & SmoothTM speakers accurately reproduce the wide soundfield and energy of a live performance.

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