Car Subwoofers

Because your music needs a strong foundation

Adding a subwoofer to your system doesn't just result in more bass. It also brings deeper, more precise bass tones with more definition and detail to your music. Which is why subwoofers improve the sound of any kind of music, be it club, electronic, pop, rock, jazz or even classical.

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Record-breaking sound pressure levels.

Using the same technology that made its subwoofers SPL World Championship winners, Pioneer makes sure all of its subwoofers deliver exceptional power, slam and impact, including the very deepest of frequencies.

Boxed subwoofer solutions: Plug & play.

Boxed subwoofers are built into an enclosure which dimensions are thoroughly calculated, to allow the driver to deliver its best possible performance. Still, some subs are small enough to fit under your seat.

Small package, great sound.

ib-FLAT subwoofers are exceptionally shallow, allowing them to be installed in almost any vehicle. Using some smart design approaches, the bass performance easily equals that of a full-size subwoofer.

Active subwoofers: a perfect match.

Integrating the amplifier in the subwoofer’s cabinet results in a very compact all-in-one solution. And because the amplifier is specifically designed to pair with the driver, the sound quality is top-notch.